Here’s The Rub: Q&A with founder Ben Tangye

Hot days and sipping cold lemonade standing next to your grill as you listen to the sound of searing meat, it must be summer. Barbecuing and grilling is an art, an art passed down from generation to generation. It’s an art that is slowing slipping away with the advance of super grills and electric smokers. Another advance in barbecuing is the mass produced grocery store BBQ sauce and seasonings. One major problem with these advances is we are losing our connection with the past and the roots of grilling, smoking and barbecuing.

(Scott’s- Parker’s, Lexington, Tn)
No longer are we standing next to our fathers and grandfathers watching and learning the art of the perfect rib, instead we are youtubing and pinteresting the “Easiest BBQ’ed Rib” recipes. We drive right past those whole in the wall BBQ joints in rural America because it has no stars on yelp. We are discounting from who we are and what real food should be.

One man who is trying to reconnect us to the rural American traditions in the lost art of barbecuing and grilling is Ben Tangye. Ben has created a monthly subscription box filled with different wood, spices, rubs and sauces from all over the US. One really cool aspect is that Ben picks a different state each month and designs his box around that state and its Barbecuing culture and traditions. The name of his box is Here’s The Rub. I sat down and did a little Q&A with Ben to find out more about this amazing service.

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Ben Tangye: Here’s The Rub



 What made you want to start a box based company?

Years ago I began thinking about how to tell these Rural America BBQ stories, and get their rubs & sauces, in front of more people. After all, a person from Oregon is probably not going to be in rural Selma, AL to try Hancock’s sauce…or hear the story of how the sauce was created over 100 years ago! At the time, I didn’t have any experience in the food distribution or retail business, nor did I think most of these #humbleBBQjoints could produce enough to go in stores, so just kind of shelved the idea. With the popularity of the membership/ subscription box service, I decided this was the opportunity.

With all the box companies out there what makes Here’s the rub stand out?

Here’s the Rub is different on a number of levels. To start off, we promote Rural America success stories. You see, the majority of the products that go in our monthly box are from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation BBQ joints. Places that have stood the test of time. Our products are not full of pomp and circumstance, or competition, or ego and the word ‘my’….we are about the authentic success of hard working Americans.

Why pack the box with wood?

Packing in wood chips is just cool! But it also let us send out wood blends and other wood varieties that people wouldn’t normally consider using for smoking or grilling. One example is the hickory/oak/apple blend sent out with our December box. Our woods will be available for sale online in the next few weeks. And although we don’t consider ourselves a ‘green’ company, this helps reduce the amount of waste produced by the box industry. After all, wood is probably the oldest biodegradable product out there. If you don’t use chips, throw them out your back door and in a year or so, your plants will be better off for it.

Why did you choose to do different states each month?

Though BBQ is regional, it’s really state specific. Eating Rural American BBQ is more than just the taste of the sauce or meat choice. It’s a complete experience that includes the space you’re eating it in. Meaning, eating pork at Abe’s on the Mississippi Delta is an experience altogether different from the experience of eating Red Bridges BBQ in Shelby, NC, which is completely different from eating brisket in the Texas Hill Country.

Who is real Ben Tangye? What do you like to do?

Philosopher/Beer Drinker/Dad is what my IG account says. But really….being the kid of divorced parents, my winters were spent with mom in Portland, OR, then dad in Birmingham, AL. Two completely different, yet very cool, cultures. Winter weekends were spent on the slopes of Mt. Hood skiing. Step dad was on Ski Patrol. Summers were spent in the south…step-grandparents lived on a small farm in the Smoky Mtns of East TN. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this Rural America diversity at a young age, provided the foundation for HTR. Ultimately, Benjamin M. Tangye is someone trying to carve out his little American success story while raising two kick-ass girls.

What made you choose BBQ over other culinary types of cooking?

Few things are as Rural America as BBQ and the stories behind 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation joints can’t be beat. Plus, grilling and BBQing are probably the most social cooking events in the world. All you have to do is ask yourself what people will be doing July 4th…

What do you want people to know about here’s the rub?

I want people to understand that Here’s the Rub is authentic.

What can people look forward to in future boxes?

As we roll in to the 2017, we’ll be launching ‘how to cooking’ videos….not recipe type vids, but how to use the sauce & rub products in different ways. We’ll also be adding new products to the boxes…not jerky or a candy bar, but usable products.

What’s been your favorite item you’ve but in the box?

Can’t really say there’s a favorite. In fact, get asked all the time how we pick the best tasting products to go in the box. Truth is, BBQ rub & sauce tastes are as individual as the individual. Everyone, I mean everyone, has their own opinion. And in BBQ taste test world, they are all correct. We pick products based on a number of criteria. But to kind of answer your question, I’m a vinegar sauce type of guy.

Why do you tell stories in each box?

(Samuel Davis of Abe’s Bar-B-Q, Clacksdale MS.)

Because I think the small business people of Rural America, and their stories of success through struggle and perseverance, are the backbone of our country. And their products kick


I want to thank Ben for taking the time to share in depth who he is and how his vision to bring us the taste of authentic BBQ one state at a time.

To find out more or even get a monthly subscription follow the link below, and make sure you use promo code FTP17 for 10% off your order. Click  below to read more on Here’s the rub
I have been getting the past couple boxes and cannot say enough about them. I am a BBQ sauce freak so being able to taste different sauces from around the country has been amazing. Pair that with killer seasoning that i can throw on my wild game and this box is a no brainier.

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  1. Bought a six month subscription in August after reading this. Nothing was ever sent. Emailed and facebook messenged with Ben every other week since mid September. Promises of sending soon, looking into it, short on supplies, and looking back into it. No refund, no product, $200 poorer, and look like a chump since it was a gift.

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