I am an Organic Meat Harvester. I do not hunt for a trophy, for the prize. I hunt for the joy of knowing where my food comes from. I hunt for the adventure. my goal is to teach others that the meat you put on your table can not only look great, but taste even greater.  facebook.com/fromfieldtoplateadd another page.


  1. Hi, I’m wondering if you’d be interested in contributing to the new site I’m launching? http://www.theadventurer.ca I’ve written for Outdoor Canada, Field & Stream, Ontario Out of Doors, Canoe & Kayak, Real Fishing, Explore, Paddler and several others. I read your about and really like it.

    Please let me know,


  2. My name is Johnny Pace, and I’m co-host of an outdoors podcast called Pro Talk. We’ve had guys such as the Busbice family, Jeff Linosey, Mike Clerkin, and professional anglers from the BASS circuit on our show. We would be honored to get a culinary element to our show by having you on as a phone guest for an episode. If you’re interested, feel free to reach out via email at protalkpodcastshow@gmail.com

  3. Awesome blog! As a note, I think it would be really helpful to have pages dedicated to recipes for each meat. A page for duck recipes, venison, etc.

  4. This class looks so exciting, exactly what my husband and I are looking for, learning to put food on the table over trophy hunts. Can’t wait to see what else you do!

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