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Using Camp Chef outdoor cooking gear has changed the way I cook outdoors. Give them a look and tell them the Wild Chef sent ya.

mossy oak

Mossy Oak:

My daughter and I love our Mossy Oak Gear. When it comes to a leader in the industry since camouflage became a staple of hunting its gotta be mossy oak. Not only do they have everything you’ll need body but your land as well. From food plots to toilet paper.



Havalon Knives:

I cant say enough about these blades. WOW, is the only word i think fits when describing this knife and company. 6 years ago i was introduced to a havalon blade while hog hunting in Southern California.  My mind was blown as i watch one blade gut, skin and butcher a giant wild boar. I went home and ordered my first havalon and its never left my hunting bag since.



Afflictor Broadheads:

The newest in the world of broadheads are “hybrid” heads. If you’re talking about Hybrid Broadheads there is really only one name that needs to be said and that’s “Afflictor”. Keith started this company in his back yard and has taken it beyond his dreams. I am glad to be apart of an amazing company and can’t wait to throw some down range in pursuit of my next meal.



Weston Supply: 

When it comes to self butchering the only company that has your back from ground to vacuum seal and everything in between is Weston Supply. I use their meat grinders, vacuum sealers, dehydrators, slow cookers, and much, much more. If you’re looking to take the your home processing to the next level, you have to check out Weston..