From Field To Plate 101, 3 days of Hunting, butcher and cooking classes in South Texas

Are you brand new to hunting or a seasoned pro? It doesn’t matter, I want you to come and learn, grow and better yourself by teaching you what it means to go From Field To Plate with your two hands. Each 3- Day session will be geared towards teaching basics skills to the rookies and the advanced skills to the seasoned. You’ll get hands on training with the very animals you hunted, from proper gutting, skinning to butchering techniques and ultimately to the plate. Each session will be 3-days of hunting, butchering and cooking classes with myself and a good friend.

These sessions will take place in beautiful South Texas on a 1,900 acre ranch. Enjoy a beautiful ranch and setting as we not only grow in our knowledge of the outdoors but along side each other as well. Build relationships with fellow hunter and do it all in a non-competitive non-trophy mindset. The goal of these sessions are to provide you with a better understanding of the meat that goes into your freezer. To get your hands dirty for your dinner in a safe and fun environment. Pick one of the 3-day sessions the work for you and come experience what From Field To Plate is all about.

Not only will you take home a wealth of knowledge, but you’ll also get delicious recipes, and a minimum of 40 pounds of wild game meat.

We will be hunting from blinds and spot and stalk. You will be surrounded by beautiful animals with an amazing opportunity to fill the freezer with some of the healthiest and best meat on Earth.

Below you’ll find basic info on classes and how to register:

3-Day sessions:

Session 1: November 3rd-6th

Session 2: November 7th-10th

Session 3: November 10th-13th

Pick One 3-day session from above

Cost Per Hunter:

2,700 dollars

Included in price:

* One Non-trophy big game animal

* Food, lodging & transportation to and from Harlingen Airport

* Photos with your harvest

* Gutting & skinning class

* Quartering & Basic butchering class

* Cooking class (1-2 meals depending on time) plus a dozen recipes to take home and use.

* Minimum 40 pounds boned out wild game meat, vacuumed sealed and ready for travel home

* Hunting & Safety practices

* All your hunting, butchering, cooking questions answered

Items Not Included In Price:

* Texas resident or non resident hunting license * Airfare to and from Harlingen Airport
* Beer, wine and liquor
* Bow

* Ammo or Arrows

* Hunter Safety Course

We will provide a rifle for you to use unless you would like to bring your own. If you bring your own it must be sighted in and you show us you are proficient with your weapon once at ranch.

Sign Up:

* 50% deposit due to save date.

* First come first serve bases

Thank you so much for the huge outreach and excitement over my From Field To Plate 101 Sessions.

If you take your kill to the butcher you’ll spend at least 150-200 dollars for an average deer. Why not learn how to do it yourself. Below you’ll find two info flyer and links to sign up. An average Texas meat hunt would cost you between 1700-3000 dollars and thats just the hunt. With our sessions you’ll get lodging, food, hunting, classes, meat to take home and knowledge that will be able to be passed on to future generations. 

Here is how Registration will work for these sessions, please read carefully and make your choices correctly. Below you’ll find four links, one for each session. Click the session and date you would like and purchase a ticket. There are only 4 spots per session and once they are gone, they are gone. Each ticket is 1/2 your cost for the 3 days, this is your deposit and promises you a spot in the session. Once you’ve made the deposit and purchased a ticket I will get with you and explain the rest of the trip. Ive got some really cool and amazing things planned that I did not mention in info flyers, you won’t want to miss it. 

If you are signing up as a couple or group you can purchase your tickets together to promise you are together in that sessions. 

This is for the non refundable deposit. The remaining balance must be paid in full 7 days prior to hunt. 

I am so excited for these session and cannot wait to hunt, butcher and cook along many of you. 

Step 1: click the link in the session you want to attend 

Step 2: Click how many tickets “spots you want to purchase” 

Step 3: Pay your 50% Non Refundable Deposit ( all major cards excepted) 

Step 4: Email me and inform me of which Session you signed up for (This is huge because ticket sale will not tell me all your info) 

Step 5: Get excited because you’ll be one of the first 16 to be apart of something like this! 

Session 1: November 3rd-6th

Session 2: November 7th-10

Session 3: November 10th-13th

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